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Georgia Koltsida MD FAAP

Pediatrician – Pulmonologist

Georgia Koltsida is a pediatric pulmonologist with official training in Pediatrics and in Pediatric Pulmonology respectively, in the United States of America. She is one of the very few pediatric pulmonologists in Greece who completed an official fellowship, as well as relevant accreditation from the American Board of Pediatrics.


  • Telemedicine

    For patients who are in need of consultation from distance

  • Private Practice

    Comprehensive outpatient care of children with pulmonary diseases.

  • Bronchoscopy

    In emergency as well as scheduled cases


  • Bronchoscopy is a procedure that allow the pediatric pulmonologist to look inside the airways, i.e. the tubes ...

  • Difficulty in breathing and coughing during exercise is a very common phenomenon in children and adolescents t...

  • Sleep medicine has evolved significantly over the last decade, contributing to the diagnostic approach and tre...


My child has asthma. Is she/ he at risk due to COVID 19?

Studies thus far, even though limited, have shown that the number of children who had asthma and were sick with COVID 19 was small and even in those cases, the symptoms were mild, such as fever and cough.

What is bronchitis in children?

Bronchitis is an inflammation in the large airways. In the most cases, it is caused by viruses and less frequently by bacteria and allergens. Bronchitis can present with cough, runny nose, fever, pain in muscles and joints, decrease appetite and fatigue.

What is aspiration in infants and children?

Aspiration is the content like food, saliva or toxic substances, enter the airways and lungs. Aspiration may occur abruptly and cause pneumonia with symptoms like fever and difficulty breathing.


For patients who can’t visit the office and would like an initial consultation or a follow up appointment, telemedicine options are offered. Telehealth options such are an alternative twosome in person visit when its is clinically safe and appropriate to do so.


For more info please call 698-1220510 or you can send an email to info@drkoltsida.gr